Project Efficiency Driver

The safest of operations are also truly efficient - requiring professional, detailed and dedicated processes

Facilium’s business areas are mainly regarded as ‘Academic Systems’, as they do not carry oil or gas, but information. While drilling, operations and maintenance departments do not have to justify their existence in any oil & gas company, “intellectual” products (LoFS, Offshore Communication and IOR) have a much steeper acceptance curve. While they may help save cost and increase production / reservoir depletion degree, they are often not as obviously acceptable as any of the main stream systems and disciplines. For this reason extraordinary intelligent solutions and additional knowledge is often required to achieve project sanction. 

Facilium specialize on high level creative technology, technical solutions and effective management processes. Our creative processes include durable and advanced, but still cost effective technical solutions, often within very tight time frames. On the management side we provide all analyses, reasons and documentation for investment cases (key input to the client’s business plan and underlying proof of due process) supporting clients in maximizing the likelyhood for a successful project sanction.

Oil companies have rigorous processes for establishment of oil & gas systems. Many of these processes are optimal for major development projects, but may make smaller specialized projects such as LoFS, Offshore Communication Projects as well as individual IOR System projects seem cost or unprofitable (without looking at the added value).

There are a number of specific technologies within each of our specialization areas. Some technologies are mature and others still partly under development. Within all areas of new technology development, there is a trade-off between the often ‘limited’ time requirement for utilization of the system and the acceptance of technologies. Facilium helps oil companies understand the benefits and limitations of systems, while encouraging acceptance of introduction of new technological solutions when it will be beneficial to the industry and our clients

Small projects may not get the proper focus on optimal technical solutions. Sometimes extraordinary measures are required to find the right technical solutions. In several instanses with sever time constraints, Facilium, together with a number of key partners, has led the design and fabrication of a number of ‘unorthodox’ technical solutions, securing the projects´ success.

Project Management

– Project Management & Support
A key to a successful project execution (zero accidents / incidents, on time, within budget, within specified technical specifications etc.) is the planning. The more experience and fact based knowledge that goes in to a plan, the better quality and accuracy one gets. The use of professional tools for monitoring a project’s performance is important. To continuously knowing the status of ones project is providing the necessary conditions for driving, controlling and occasionally making controlled alterations to the way forward. This paves to road to success. Facilium has the experience, capability and the tools to support clients through an entire Project, from pre-appraise to commissioning.

– Interface Management
Interface management is an equally important key. Defining detailed interfaces between all involved parties is essential and pays significant dividends. It is sometimes requires a significant energy contribution by involved parties, but when in place it avoids confusion, assumptions, uncertainty and in helps to drive the progress supporting an effective execution. Facilium has the experience and tools to provide professional support required.

– Effective communication
The third key is effective communication, and not to forget to be included in this; continuity. Geographical location shall not hinder effective communication. In certain matters it is necessary to meet, but during a project’s execution it is normally equally or sometimes more effective that participants are in the home offices. There are very efficient web-based solutions allowing efficient performance to take place. Facilium is accustomed to perform effective execution with active team members simultaneously in several continents.

Technical Solutions – Examples

– Platform / Topside tie-in
One of the most challenging issues for establishment of Academic Systems is how the respective umbilical is going to connect to the platform. Very often regular conduits are set aside, or occupied, by umbilical cables and pipes used for direct production systems. Facilium has solved this type of situations at several occasions.

A related challenge is when it is not an option to install a separate umbilical to topside. In order to allow a LoFS system to become feasible, alternative solutions must be investigated, such as possibly tying in to existing subsea infrastructures. Facilium has been instrumental in resolving this type of issues a number of times, identifying fibres and conductors within existing production umbilicals, resulting in cost effective and successful solutions.

Installation Methods – Examples

– Protection of the system on the seabed
Cable systems in deep water fields are typically relatively well protected on the seabed, as long as no bottom crawling equipment is used near or in the area. Seabed systems in shallow waters are in danger of being damaged by mainly fishing trawls and need to be protected. This can be a fairly time consuming (=expensive) operation, as burial and other protective methods require installation vessel time. Facilium has experience, expertise and advise clients on feasible and / or effective protection methods that reduce installation time. Facilium has also developed a concept for efficient system installation called SDT, which is less affected by severe environmental forces than regular installation methods.

– Explosion proof equipment topside and turret solutions
Occasionally there is no space available in a protected environment on topside for LoFS equipemnt. This can be the situation on all types of topside installations, whether it is on a TLP, FPSO, Jacket etc.. When this is the situation, the equipment must be explosion proof, which requires strict adherance to regulations and specific design criteria. Facilium manages such demanding sub-projects, and has a track-record of several successful completions under very demanding and complex conditions.

PSCM Solutions – Examples

– Contract Strategy
Contract strategies are crucial in developing viable and strong business cases. These need to be to developed relatively early in the Project process. Facilium has experience from supporting clients in developing and getting approval for such strategies. This is not only related to the system supply itself, but to all key contributors, whether internal or external, necessary for a successful project delivery.

– Contract Execution
There are a number of ways to perform a process to eventually arriving at the formal signing of contracts. Facilium has the knowledge and experience, capable to support clients from begining til end, when required. Examples are production of RFIs, Technical Specifications, RFT/RFP/ITT and depending on cooperational agreement with our client, may participate in the evluations.

– Inspection and Testing
In time critical projects, which most are, it is important never to assume, but to know. This leads us to Facilium’s “mantra”: Never expect, inspect!
Facilium has the capability to develop inspection and test plans (ITPs) and occasionally provides onsite inspection and follow up work, of critical equipment.

– Mobilisation and Construction Work
When Facilium is participating in project execution, whether it is onshore or offshore, on platforms or vessels, we make sure that every detail is paid attention to. Facilium has experience, methods and tools to support our clients through project’s execution until commissioning is successfully completed.