Our Value Creation

Our Value Creation

Facilium create values in every aspect within our specialty business niches


  • LoFS  systems provide so good seismic information that detailed that there are no other tools that can provide the kind of understanding of the reservoir. This has a long term value in it self.
  • Integrated Operations help increase safety and reduce offshore cost. This has a direct value in it self.
  • Offshore Communication is the enabler of IOR, as well as immediate, seamless communication for LoFS data transmission. The value is the unparalleled usefulness.

While all of these facts are meaningful in themselves, Facilium’s aspect of value creation is concentrated in: DOING THE RIGHT THING, RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Make safer, make it very efficient, make it work very well, make it last and as a result save cost.


Facilium high level work process
Facilium high level work process

While Facilium has not invented the typical oil company work processes, we know how to execute them efficiently, as our Clients will confirm. The kind of value creation we can control to a very high degree are:

  • Our own efficiency, which often leaves the original POs partly unused. In the last project our efficiency can be measured as our PO was utilized to in the order of 60% in a succesful project. Some contractors may argue that this disturb the market, while our main motivation is to prove efficiency and worldwide competitiveness, a win-win situation.
  • Producing any and basically all ‘internal’ gate documentation Clients and establish factual decision cases which motivate management and partners to proceed or Sanction installation.
  • Producing well defined technical cases, drawings and specifications to and including tender documents.
  • We help Clients finding the best suppliers and contractors
  • Helping the Clients to understand how to perform the projects efficiently by helping to select the right technical solutions with regards to equipment, installation and operation.
  • We have resolved technical and managerial issues where other contractors had particular challenges or where the quality was inadequate.
  • We help find IOR solutions within all of our business areas where possible to reduce the need for people onboard platforms. This decrease the POB situation, as well as operating all surveys from the shore. It saves much cost and hassle.

The Faciliumcost is usually recovered several times in any project through the savings we make for the Client by resolving challenges and by finding effective ways of project execution.

Our Value Creation experience is this:

The LoFS high level process

LoFS process picture

While LoFS development and operations have similar traits to other field development activities, there are specific hurdles in decision processes, technical issues, installation issues and operational issues that will determine how efficient the process will be. Facilium has this experience and our métier is to use it for the benefit of our Clients, as facilitators of the entire process from Pre-Appraise and into the Operations Phase. We have performed LoFS work on / for all continents and many different installation and operational conditions. Facilium has performed several LoFS maintenance projects.
The The Offshore Communication high level process

Offshore comm process picture

Oone LogoFacilium and our subsidiary OONE AS, have extraordinary experience with offshore and onshore communication systems. Having facilitated tenth of thousands of kilometers of fiber optical cables, Radio & Satellite links worldwide, we know all aspects of legal, cultural, technical, production techniques, installation and operations / maintenance. OONE has been nominated for the entire management of major oil and gas offshore, shore and onshore communication project development.


The IOR high level process

IOR process picture

Facilium has specified and managed establishment of Integrated Offshore Remote systems that work flawlessly, and which save many hassles, reduce pressure on POB on platforms, reduce cost and increase safety