Remote Operating Platforms

With broadband capacity in place, an abundance of smart e-field technologies available, increasing safety requirements combined with a galopping cost developmen in the industry, the conditions for implementing remote operations are continuously improving

Some areas in the world are more suitable than others. Where platforms are tightly spaced and located close to an existing infrastructure, the conditions are of course more favourable.

Our method include the following high leve headings.

 Volume I – Business & Commercial Issues

  • Introduction & Purpose
  • Method Statement
  • Business Case
  • Contract Models and Sourcing
  • People & Organization
  • Proposed Terms for Study
  • Implementation Organization

Volume II – Technical

  • Technical preparations
  • Communication
  • Onshore facilities
  • Platforms

Our mission statement with regards to IO

“Facilitate remote operations, with focus on safety, and in that process create values with highly innovative technical-, operational- and business solutions”

An independent long term partner supporting our clients in continuous asset value improvements through

  • Defining
  • Developing and
  • Realising the best
  • Technical
  • Operational and
  • Business Solutions