Broadband Offshore Cable Infrastructures

For maximized offshore oil & gas field value creation very reliable Broadband Communication is required

Reliable and secure broadband communication for control purposes in Integrated Operations can only be achieved over distance through the use of Fiber Optical Cable system.


The North Sea System

  • Many of the North Sea oil & gas fields are tied in to fiber optical cable systems through Tampnet, and several platforms in the UK continental shelf are tied in to the same system.
    Regularity is absolutely essential, and for this reason the North Sea system is tied in to onshore cable back-up loops through the UK, from Lowestoft to Peterhead; and through the European mainland via Sweden to Rogaland in Norway. There is also a backup loop through the Norwegian mainland from Rogaland to Øygarden.
    This system was installed 1998 to 2002, with additional tie-in of offshore platforms.

Facilium Offshore Communication Rev 01

The Gulf of Mexico system
The GOM fiber ring

  • The Gulf of Mexico offshore fiber ring was installed in 2007 – 2008, and additional tie ins have been added after 2008.

Persian Gulf Networks

  • Saudi Aramco has a fiber optical network installed by General Dynamics for their main offshore platform operations.

Establishment of FOC (Fiber Optical Communication) networks
Establishment of fiber optical communication (FOC) offshore networks require that the users (mainly oil companies but also government agencies) express a need and commitment for more advanced communication needs. The network owners will not make upfront capital investment without a market. So far mainly one sponsor in an oil company that can see the benefits were the locomotives for building the business case and for acquisition of peer support. This is the case for existing networks.
Establishment of FOC networks require substantial technical and business preparation, as well as professional implementation involving may disciplines. OONE specialize in facilitation of FOC networks and have substantial in-depth experience from all phases of preparation, implementation and operation of Offshore Communications Networks, and specifically FOC networks.

The potential for more networks
There are many areas where FOC networks would benefit the oil and gas industry and OONE will be very keen on supporting initiators with understanding such business cases.