Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision and Mission for all of our business


1.0     SCOPE:

1.1     It is the purpose of this procedure to elaborate the mission and future vision of the company and to record the pledge of the senior management to this mission and vision and thereby to the establishment, development, implementation and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.


2.1     The term “the company” shall mean Facilium AS and all of its subsidiary companies.


3.1     ISO 9000:2005

3.2     ISO 9001:2008

3.3     ISO 9004:2009

3.4     ISO 14001:2004

3.5     ISO 31000:2009

3.6     OHSAS 18001:2007

3.7     FMS-QMS-001 Quality Policy

3.8     FMS-QMS-002 Quality Objectives

3.9     FMS-QMS-004 Policy Statement

3.10   FMS-QMS-005 Employee Handbook

3.11   FMS-QMS-006 Business Ethics

3.12   FMS-QMS-007 Health, Safety, Security and Environment

3.13   FMS-QMS-008 Emergency Plan

3.14   FMS-QMS-010 Quality Manual

3.15   FMS-QMS-140 Statistics and Reports


4.1     The CEO, or his assignee or successor, is responsible for establishing and updating these Quality Objectives and for approval of the Quality Management System.

4.2     All of the senior management and department heads of the company have responsibilities for the establishment, development, implementation and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

5.0     OUR MISSION:

5.1     Our mission is to provide our customers with the correct product, correctly executed, in accordance with the specification, to high quality standards and on time.

6.0     OUR VISION:

6.1     Our vision is to reduce time, increase quality, minimise cost and maximise shareholder return. To add value to our customer by providing the best service, attention to detail and lowest overall cost. To increase the calibre of our personnel by training and development. To become a responsible citizen that provides a great sense of belonging to our employees and a responsibility to the local community.

6.2        The senior management is fully committed to this mission and vision and will strive to improve through active participation in quality improvement activities and through leadership by example