Client Portfolio 

- BP
- Chevron
- Conoco/Philips
- Nexen
- Shell
- Statoil
- Talisman
- Total

Mission & Vision

By providing customized innovative solutions, Facilium enables oil & gas companies to attain added value from the latest state of the PRM industry.

Key Facts

- Indepedent
- Consulting the oil and gas industry for 13 years
- Managed world's first permanent PRM system at Valhall
- Project Management - installed the fiber optical Norsea Com in 1998.
- Offering in depth world class competencies within permanent seismic solutions.
- Permanent seismic is offering unmatched model/picture quality to be used by management.

Facilium Ensures 

- Increased earnings 

- Lowered Costs 

- Improved Safety


Facilium is the leading independent specialist in PRM project facilitation

Main sponsor EAGE Stavanger 2013

Statoil's Ambitions (Ref. Statoil homepage, invenstment program 2013 - 2015)

  • Snorre has an ambition to improve the recovery rate from the current level of 46 per cent to 55 percent.
  • Grane's ambition is to increase the recovery rate from 56 to 65 per cent. 
  • Permanent reservoir monitoring will help achieve these ambitions. 

Facilium provides advice and project services in all aspects of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring from feasibility through implementation and operation.


Involved indirectly and directly in all PRM projects globally since the first major installation at Valhall in 2003 

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